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  • You KNOW you want to start a podcast but need clear, easy-to-follow steps for getting your podcast up and running quickly.

  • You want to make money from your podcast and need actionable monetization strategies and methods that work for YOU and YOUR specific business model.

  • You want to process your podcast ideas with a real human being because you're sick of buying courses and never hearing from the course creator again (me too, sister).



Students Share Their Experience with PPP...

  • Loved this Step-by-Step Course!

    Zita Christian

    Kinsey Roberts knows what it's like to take on a new project with language that sounds foreign and equipment that can be costly. She brings that understanding to her course. She uses video for most of the lessons so I could pause and study the scr...

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    Kinsey Roberts knows what it's like to take on a new project with language that sounds foreign and equipment that can be costly. She brings that understanding to her course. She uses video for most of the lessons so I could pause and study the screen. There's a workbook with exercises to fine tune what I want to accomplish with my own podcast. There's also a weekly reminder of where I am in the course, with a link to the next module. Best of all, I have lifetime access to the course. Since this is a down-to-earth, step-by-step course, I know if I have a problem creating my own podcast, I can always go back to her course. It's filled with Kinsey's wise advice and generous spirit.

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"Our Time Together was FOCUSED..."

Cinnamon Wolfe, Focused Podcast

"Even though I already had my own podcast up and running, I knew there were places where I was missing the mark. I really wanted to just talk to someone who could walk through my process with me and show me where I could make improvements. I knew Kinsey was the girl to talk too!! Our time together was focused and SO helpful. She took the time to listen to what I was currently doing and how I could make improvements not only to help my process become more efficient and quicker but also get more listeners to my show! I would 100% recommend a one-on-one session with Kinsey because not only is she brilliant, but she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others in order to support, encourage and lift up other women business owners. She is the best!"

"The Course is EPIC..."

Reina Pomeroy, Fueled with Heart Podcast

"Kinsey has an amazing course that helped me get up and running quickly!"

"You Make it SO Easy..."

Mary Swaffield, Wedprenueur Podcast

"Kinsey! I can't thank you enough for putting together such a great course on podcasting! I have been putting off starting my podcast for 2 years - but when I saw your course, I knew I had to sign up and within a few weeks, my co-host and I had recorded our intros and were ready to launch! You make it SO easy - clear, step-by-step lessons that are so simple to follow. I had looked into other podcasting courses before, but yours was clearly geared towards creatives, and I'm so happy I took the leap. I can't wait to launch my second podcast in 2018 - you've inspired me so much. I encourage any creative who is considering a podcast to take this course - it's worth every penny (and then some) and I still use the materials all the time when I'm producing my podcast. Thank you a million times over!"

"Thank you for Creating Step by Step Tutorials!"

Erica Mendenhall, Palm Springs Wedding Experts Podcast

"I could not have even pushed through to launching my podcast this year if it hadn't been for your tutorials! So, thank you for creating them and being so helpful and thorough with all of the steps. As a super busy mom, wife and photographer, I often struggle to get my "big ideas" to come to life. This is a big step for me, one which I am very excited for!"

"Couldn't have done it without you!"

Emily Humphries & Tanya Godsey, Emerge Podcast

"Thank you so much Kinsey! We are so incredibly grateful for all of your help and encouragement - couldn't have done it without your support!"

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What's Inside Profitable Podcast Plan

  • 1
    Pre-Work: Your Podcast Foundation
    • The Workbook (Download Me)
    • Your Podcast Foundation & How to Use Your Workbook
    • Podcast "Why" Examples
    • Podcast "Who" Examples
    • Podcast "Format" Examples
  • 2
    Module 1: Getting Started - Lay the Groundwork
    • Welcome to the Course
    • IMPORTANT: Podcast Details
    • Podcast Workflow - Solo Podcasts
    • Podcast Workflow - Interview Podcasts
    • Create a Podcast Assets Folder
    • Podcast Cover Artwork Requirements
    • Design Your Own Podcast Cover Artwork
    • Podcast Intro/Outro
    • Record Your Own Intro/Outro
    • How to Use Acuity Scheduling to Schedule Your Interviews
    • How to Use Calendly to Schedule Your Interviews
    • Where to Find Guests for Your Podcast
    • How to Pitch a Guest to Be on Your Podcast
  • 3
    Module 2: Podcast Equipment
    • Microphones
    • Recording Software: READ FIRST
    • SKYPE: Download Here
    • SKYPE: Download Ecamm or Pamela First
    • SKYPE: Ecamm & Pamela Settings and How to Record
    • ZOOM: Sign Up
    • ZOOM: Settings for Podcasting
    • ZOOM: Schedule an Interview
    • ZENCASTR: Sign Up & How to Use
    • Using Garageband to Record Solo Shows
    • Using Audacity to Record Solo Shows
    • Hosting Software: READ FIRST
    • LIBSYN: How to Sign Up
    • LIBSYN: The Dashboard + Settings